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Food Manufacturing


At our company D’ingredients quality is a daily commitment! We are dedicated to managing and supervising our manufacturing operations from beginning to end and to adhering to the safest, strictest and highest production standards in the industry.


We are devoted to supplying our customers in the food-manufacturing sector with reliable and top-notch sesame seeds, chia seeds and related products, so they can utilize quality ingredients to manufacture a diversity of products that will ultimately delight end users and consumers.


Whether you are a bakery, or manufacturer of prepared meals, cakes and sweets, our company is the one source solution and premier partner with the experience and capability to provide reliable services, wholesome and fresh products in any size and quantity depending on your particular needs.

Food service & Distributors


Our team works arduously to make D’ingredients the company of choice to supply the best and most assorted selection of seeds including natural sesame, hulled sesame, tahini and chia seeds. For nearly 2 decades, we have invested all our efforts to manufacture superior quality items that our customers can benefit from and that can place their foodservice establishments ahead of the game.


We work with a variety of foodservice industries, wholesalers and distributors to bring wholesome and healthy options into the market so consumers can enjoy the amazing properties found in these ingredients.


Our promise for better, more diverse, and top quality is a daily task that we work hard to achieve.  We remain devoted to bringing our customers top product options, superior customer support, on time deliveries, dependable services as well as leadership within the industry.



For over 2 decades we have a proven record that one of our strongest abilities is to understand and respond on time to our customers’ specific needs. As a result we have gained their trust, a great level of customer satisfaction, and a reputation that places us at the forefront of our industry.


D’ingredients is composed of an experienced team, and recognized as a leading manufacturer and exporter of a variety of products including natural, hulled, tahini and chia seeds.


Our customers which range from foodservice establishments, to distributors, supermarkets, pet food industry, pharmaceutical industry, body & hair care, as well as bakeries, and food manufacturers to list a few, know that we are a company they can depend on, and a trusted partner that will respond with tailored solutions that will best suit the particular requirements of each of their businesses.

We believe in only giving our best!

We tailor our products to meet your needs!